Wednesday, August 02, 2017.

Renault announces R$ 750 MLN investment to open new aluminum die casting plant and expand powertrain plant

  • Curitiba Aluminum Die Casting has cutting edge technology to manufacture engine blocks and cylinder heads, for an investment of R$ 350 MLN
  • Curitiba Powertrain to take R$ 400 MLN investment targeted at new lines to machine aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads

Renault Brazil is investing R$ 750 million in its Ayrton Senna Complex, in the State of Paraná, in order to build a new plant – Curitiba Injeção de Alumínio (CIA – Curitiba Aluminum Die Casting) –, and expand the Curitiba Powerplant (CMO – Curitiba Motores), as announced today (Aug. 01) during a ceremony held in Curitiba in the presence of Beto Richa, Paraná State Governor, Olivier Murguet, Chairman, Renault Americas Region, and Luiz Pedrucci, president, Renault Brazil.
“The investments we are announcing today evidence that Brazil plays a strategic role for the Renault Group to expand the brand’s footprint in Latin America”, said Olivier Murguet.
“Renault Brazil is once again demonstrating its commitment to the country by keeping an investment plan and launching new products in spite of an unfavorable economic scenario. The all-new CIA and expansion of the CMO will allow us to boost competitiveness and increase our local content ratio”, said Pedrucci.
Curitiba Injeção de Alumínio - CIA
Curitiba Injeção de Alumínio results from the joint collaboration of approximately two thousand people within the Renault-Nissan Alliance in eleven countries to implement best practices and technologies to manufacture aluminum die casting components. With high-end technology and advanced production processes, the new manufacturing site has a built-up area of 14.5 thousand square meters, or the equivalent to 20 soccer fields.
Mass production is planned to start in January 2018, with high pressure die casting to make engine blocks and low pressure die casting to make crankshafts for the 1.6 SCe (Smart Control Efficiency) engine, introduced in the end of 2016.
Environmental sustainability was one of the project’s core pillars. The use of precast concrete structures allowed reducing construction time and waste, while the transparent roof allows natural light into the interior. Environmentally-friendly practices include the efficient interior lighting system with LED lamps, and the aluminum bars are preheated with the use of heat released by the process, thus contributing to optimize gas use.
Curitiba Motores (CMO)
The success achieved by the 1-liter and 1.6-liter SCe engines, introduced in the end of 2016, are among the main reasons why Renault decided to expand its powertrain plant. Operating since 2001, the CMO has already made 3.5 million engines, from which 40% were sent to international markets. The expansion includes installation of new machining lines to make aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads, as well as steel crankshafts to assemble 1.6-liter SCe engines.

Made at the Ayrton Senna Complex and introduced in the domestic market in the end of 2016, the 1-liter and 1.6-liter SCe engines stand out for offering low fuel consumption, outstanding performance and driving pleasure. With 12 world titles, Renault’s expertise as an engine manufacturer in Formula 1 is put to profit to ensure maximum performance in production powertrains. F1-inspired technologies include the Energy Smart Management (ESM) system and the variable displacement pump that help improve fuel efficiency.

The 1-liter SCe is available on the Sandero and Logan ranges, while the 1.6-liter SCe engine is available on the Sandero, Logan, Duster, Duster Oroch and Captur ranges.

Renault Brazil

With a local production since 1998, Renault has approximately 6,300 direct employees and generates nearly 25 thousand indirect jobs. Renault’s Ayrton Senna Complex is located in the city of São José dos Pinhais, State of Paraná, and includes 3 plants: a passenger car plant (CVP), a light commercial vehicles plant (CVU), and the powertrain plant (CMO). The Ayrton Senna Complex has a total area of 2.5 million m2, from which 60% is covered by a natural reserve.

With approximately 700 engineers, the Renault Technology Americas is also located in the Ayrton Senna Complex. Operating since 2007, the technology center is channeled into the development of products targeted at Latin American consumers. In São Paulo, the Renault Design Latin America (RDAL) is the Group’s first design studio located in the American continent.

Apart from the manufacturing plants located within the Ayrton Senna Complex, Renault has recently opened a parts distribution center in the city of Quatro Barras, State of Paraná. With 60 thousand square meters, the center serves the dealer network nationwide and overseas markets in the Americas region.

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