Tuesday, June 27, 2017.


The Renault Captur is luring consumers with a sensual and elegant design and SUV features, for added connectivity and an easy life. Now, the SUV is offered with the X-TRONIC CVT transmission as an option to enhance both comfort and fuel efficiency.
Extensively used by the Renault-Nissan Alliance globally, the X-TRONIC CVT transmission is now available on the Captur 1.6 SCe. With a simulated six-speed sequential shift transmission offered as an option, the latest gen continuously variable transmission is the perfect match for the all-new 1.6 SCe engine, for an effortless drive at cruising speed. The shiftless transmission provides a smooth driving experience, while fuel economy is ensured by the continuous operation of the engine.

The Captur CVT was developed by the Renault Technology Americas (RTA) team, which has a focus on developing products channeled into the needs and expectations of Latin-American consumers. More than 1.5 million kilometers were driven during Captur’s design phase in Brazil alone.

With the introduction of the CVT transmission, the Captur now offers the broadest model range in its class, with two options of powertrain and three choices of transmissions to meet every type of customer need. The 1.6 SCe with a manual transmission is targeted at those who favor fuel economy and driving pleasure, while the 1.6 SCe engine paired with the X-TRONIC CVT transmission pleases those who choose comfort in urban driving but also favor fuel economy. The 2-liter 16v engine with an automatic transmission is the ideal option for performance-oriented customers. Both the 1.6 SCe and the 2-liter 16v powerplants benefit from the technologies derived from Renault’s expertise in Formula 1, where the brand has proved the strength of its engines by claiming 12 world titles.
The CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission is an automatic transmission that can change seamlessly through a continuous range of effective gear ratios, i.e., it has an ‘infinite speed ratio’. Compared to ordinary automatic transmissions, it has the advantage of being gearless, providing seamless acceleration without shift-shock and peaks, giving the impression the gear is never shifted.

In the CVT system, two V-belt pulleys are split perpendicular to their axes of rotation, with a V-belt running between them. The gear ratio is changed by moving the two sheaves of one pulley closer together and the two sheaves of the other pulley farther apart. The V-shaped cross section of the belt causes it to ride higher on one pulley and lower on the other. This changes the effective diameters of both pulleys, which changes the overall gear ratio. As the distance between the pulleys and the length of the belt does not change both pulleys must be adjusted (one bigger, the other smaller) simultaneously in order to maintain the proper amount of tension on the belt.
At low gear, the smaller drive pulley radius raises acceleration performance and, at high gear, the smaller driven pulley radius enhances fuel economy. The distance between the pulleys does not change. As a result, the X-TRONIC CVT transmission allows an infinite variability between highest and lowest gears.


In everyday driving conditions, the X-TRONIC CVT transmission allows quickly responsive acceleration and smooth passing ability in urban traffic. It can also be manually "shifted" if desired with six software-simulated shift points. The X-TRONIC CVT transmission has a refined six-speed manual-shift mode and sequential operation that offers a more involving and rewarding driving experience, especially at pick-ups and overtakes. It has a second selector positioned to the left of the traditional CVT gate. With the gear lever in this left-hand quadrant of the gate, the driver can manually select the six predetermined gear ratios by simply moving the lever backwards or forwards.

With added technology, the X-TRONIC CVT transmission provides fuel efficiency and longer gear ratios compared to other transmissions available in the market, without compromising driving pleasure and performance. In addition, it has an advanced belt and pulley system and an evolved, smaller oil pump.
With the X-TRONIC CVT transmission, acceleration is steady and efficient. Its development was based on three pillars: linearity, agility and drivability, which can be easily felt at pick-up or acceleration when the traffic light turns green. Passengers also experience extra comfort, thanks to the smoother drive.

X-TRONIC CVT’s additional transmission ensures a compact size and lighter weight. As a result, the engine-transmission assembly is 10% smaller and 13% lighter. In addition, as the pulleys have no contact with lubricant, friction is reduced by 30%.
Improved comfort is provided by the Lock-up system with Active Slip Control, which releases the pulley gradually so that torque is transmitted evenly, thus ensuring steady pick-ups as it “holds” the pulley and releases it gradually to transmit torque quickly and evenly.

The transmission that equips the Captur is manufactured by Jatco, a Renault-Nissan Alliance company. The latest gen continuously variable transmission is used in dozens of models sold by the group worldwide.


Launched at La Maison Renault, in São Paulo, the Captur got press and praise on social media. Since its launch, it generated more than 3.6 million interactions involving 256 million people.

From the time when it was introduced, sales are in line with the brand’s forecasts. Highly praised by consumers, the scene-stealing two-tone body paint that highlights Captur’s elegant and sensual design accounts for 85% of the sales mix.
The Captur equipped with an X-TRONIC CVT transmission will in turn account for 60% of total sales, thanks to the advantages offered in terms of fuel economy and comfort.


New Captur owners benefit from a 3-year warranty up to 100,000 km. This requires full servicing history according to Renault approved current standards every 10,000 km or every year.

The Renault dealer network recommends fixed-price servicing offers for scheduled maintenance and wearing parts, allowing customers to spread expenses across the whole vehicle ownership time for maximum peace of mind, since fixed-price packages include parts and labor costs. It shall be emphasized that customers subscribing a maintenance plan at car purchase benefit from lower finance rates.
Renault owners may also rely on the Renault Assistance, a roadside and breakdown assistance service available 24/7 nationwide. If your vehicle breaks down, the Renault Assistance will bring help for a prompt local repair at the roadside. If your vehicle cannot be repaired immediately, it will be transported to the nearest authorized Renault dealer and alternative transportation will be provided to vehicle occupants. The Renault Assistance service is offered free of charge for passenger car owners during the first 24 months after the date of first purchase, or 12 months for commercial vehicle owners.
Renault customers may also count on My Renault, an innovative digital platform that provides Renault vehicle owners different information on the car, in addition to exclusive offers of products and services received firsthand.
My Renault is a personal and exclusive page of every Renault vehicle owner, where all information about the car is grouped, from the driver’s handbook to advice on fuel consumption and tips for travel planning and cultural events.