Thursday, April 06, 2017.


orking in close collaboration with the Paraná State Government’s Department of Culture, the Renault Institute announced on March 16 it is backing the Paraná State Library renovation. It is one of the country’s largest public libraries, with a collection of nearly 630 thousand items including books, periodicals, photographs, and multimedia content, among others. Founded in 1857, it hosts three thousand visitors a day, and lends approximately 2 thousand books a day.

“Paraná is home to Renault in Brazil. In addition to creating jobs and income, we also contribute to initiatives that foster education and culture for the State’s citizens”, said Caique Ferreira, Vice President at Renault Institute and Communications Director at Renault Brazil.

The car manufacturer is donating R$ 2.1 million to renovate the public library that is a Cultural Heritage site since December 2003. In addition to backing renovation of the Paraná State Public Library, Renault is also contributing to renovate one of the country’s most prestigious venues: the Guaíra Theater.
Renault Institute
Created six years ago, the Renault Institute aims at promoting social and environmental responsibility activities focused on three pillars: Human Capital, channeled into Social Development, Education and Diversity; the Environment, to promote environmental sustainability; and Road Safety Education, especially with “The Road and Me” project. Approximately 500 thousand people have benefited from the actions carried out by the Renault Institute. For additional information, please visit

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