Friday, May 05, 2017.

Renault Institute launches #Don’tSelfieandDrive campaign

In the framework of the Yellow May movement, the Renault Institute has launched on May 7 a campaign to raise public awareness of the danger of taking selfies and driving. Although common practice nowadays, it is considered one of the most distracting behaviors in which motorists can engage. The campaign was launched on Renault’s official pages on social networks ( and Instagram:@renaultbrasil) and will be on throughout May, following the Institute’s activity focused on road safety education.
“We are once again raising public awareness of the need to make roads safer, either driving or not, and thus contributing to enhance traffic safety in Brazil”, says Caique Ferreira, vice-president of the Renault Institute, and Communications director at Renault.

Driving like a woman

This is the second awareness campaign launched by the Renault Institute on social networks in 2017. On this year’s International Women’s Day, a social media campaign starring Marina Ruy Barbosa and Bruno Gagliasso was meant to fight against deep-seated prejudice. Three videos demonstrated that, contrary to popular belief, women make better drivers than men! In the end, Marina, Bruno and the Renault Institute invite internauts to use the #eudirijoquenemmulher [I Drive like a Woman] hashtag. The three videos have hit more than 2 million views.

Yellow May

The Yellow May campaign is aimed at raising public awareness of the high rate of traffic-related deaths worldwide. The movement is channeled into the organization of coordinated events by public authorities and the civil society to underpin road safety by mobilizing the public in general, engaging different sectors, such as governmental bodies, associations, federations and the civil society to discuss the subject, as well as to engage in actions to spread the word and broaden horizons.
Renault Institute

Created six years ago, the Renault Institute aims at promoting social and environmental responsibility activities focused on three pillars: Human Capital, channeled into Social Development, Education and Diversity; the Environment, to promote environmental sustainability; and Road Safety Education, especially with “The Road and Me” project. Approximately 500 thousand people have benefited from the actions carried out by the Renault Institute. For additional information, please visit

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