Tuesday, November 24, 2020.

As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, Renault Institute expands operations at the Borda do Campo community, in São José dos Pinhais, the city that houses the Ayrton Senna Complex with its four plants

As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, Renault Institute expands operations at the Borda do Campo community, in São José dos Pinhais, the city that houses the Ayrton Senna Complex with its four plants

This Friday (20), Renault Institute has officially opened the new headquarters of AMARB (Borda do Campo and Roseira Neighborhood Association), which has been completely revamped and expanded. The nonprofit is aimed at capacity building and income generation activities to support community development. The charity also advocates for the rights and interests of local citizens.

With 235 m2, the new headquarters include a complete professional kitchen channeled into vocational training offered to the women living in the Borda do Campo community. The newly opened premises also feature a room equipped with computers and two sewing machines that will be used during workshops, vocational training and other courses, while a rentable events venue will contribute to income generation.
The investment decision has been taken from analysis of the Social Map of Borda do Campo, a report drawn by Renault Institute in 2018 with the purpose of identifying the community’s level of development, in addition to its needs, public services available, trends and opportunities.

“In 2018, Renault listened to our needs and now this has become a dream come true for the AMARB’s new headquarters. Here we will organize initiatives and vocational training to support our community development”, says Beatriz Fontana, president at AMARB.

“We are convinced that the journey towards transforming people’s lives and the society in which they live is about creating new opportunities. We strive to do so by working in collaboration with the community, listening to their actual needs and ambitions. This is why the official opening of their new headquarters is so important to us”, says Caique Ferreira, vice-president at Renault Institute and Communications director at Renault Brazil.

The initiative is part of Renault Institute’s Inclusion pillar, by means of which Renault Institute promotes social development through planned actions placing high priority on projects that favor people and community improvement.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Irapuan Cortes, Commissioner of the São José dos Pinhais City Department of Labor, Employment and Solidarity Economy, who represented Mayor Toninho Fenelon, as well as First Lady Luciana Saito Massa of the State of Paraná.
“AMARB has a leading role in the Borda do Campo community and the city of São José dos Pinhais. Without a doubt, the new headquarters will offer further vocational training and income generation opportunities, as well as new perspectives for the future of our citizens”, said Irapuan Cortes, São José dos Pinhais City Commissioner of Labor, Employment and Solidarity Economy.
“I am so happy to see such a transforming initiative taking shape. It is key to transform the community, the city and the state, so private investments in social infrastructure have a large reach. Renault has always worked in collaboration with the State of Paraná, which allows us to maximize our efforts and increasingly reach more people”, said Luciana Saito Massa, First Lady of the State of Paraná.
The Borda do Campo and Roseira Neighborhood Association was established on July 7, 2015, with the purpose of contributing to the social development of the local community.
In operation for more than five years now, AMARB has already implemented initiatives with a focus on inclusion of vulnerable groups:
  • Solidarity Actions: These are organized in case of emergency, for example, to collect donations. The latest initiative was the distribution of donations collected by Renault Brazil employees through the #MobilizaRenault campaign launched by Renault Institute. Over 40 tons of food supplies and hygiene items were collected, most of which were delivered to AMARB, which in turn donated them to the local families in need.
  • Events for the Community: For example, leisure and cultural activities.
  • Vocational Training in Bakery: Volunteer instructors who live in the community give the classes, with support from SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service) and the São José dos Pinhais City Government.
  • Vocational Training in Sewing: Targeted at local women to foster female entrepreneurship.
Initiatives backed by Renault Institute in São José dos Pinhais
Along with AMARB, five initiatives are backed in the region:
  • Borda Viva Association: The nonprofit is aimed at improving the quality of life of the local community through income generation activities and food security programs. In operation since 2005.
  • Nursery Schools Árvore dos Sapatos and Borda Viva are managed by the city government. Each of them cares for 210 under six-year olds. In operation since 2010.
  • Mãe Maria Foster Care Home cares for 55 vulnerable children and teenagers removed from their biological families due to the risk or actual occurrence of physical or psychological harm. In operation since 2019.
  • Future Generations: Established in 2019 and also backed by the São José dos Pinhais City Government, the vocational training program is aimed at helping youngsters enter the labor market. Out of the first students who finished the course in 2019, 18 already got a job or internship at local companies. The second course has initiated in 2020 with online classes.
About Renault Institute
Established in 2010, Renault Institute has benefited over 755,000 people by promoting initiatives based on two pillars of activity: Inclusion and Sustainable Mobility.

In the Inclusion pillar, Renault Institute backs the Borda Viva Association in order to foster social development, food security for children and women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship and income generation activities. It also promotes the Renault Experience program aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation among university students across the country to find solutions to make society lives easier. Since 2018, in addition to Mobility Solutions, two new categories have been included: Social Businesses and the Twizy Challenge.

As to the Sustainable Mobility pillar, the flagship initiative is “The Road and Me”, a road safety education program that operates with permanent centers in eight Brazilian cities: Curitiba, São José dos Pinhais, Maringá and Arapongas (state of Paraná); Pelotas (state of Rio Grande do Sul), São Bernardo do Campo, Santa Bárbara D’Oeste, and São Paulo city (state of São Paulo). It also operates itinerant programs in parks, shopping malls and events. Approximately 230,000 children have been impacted by the initiative in Brazil. In addition, Renault has already sold approximately 300 all-electric vehicles to businesses developing projects in zero-emission mobility.

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