Wednesday, November 12, 2014.

CPFL Energia buys the first all-electric Renault Fluence Z.E.

Renault is the only carmaker to offer a comprehensive range of all-electric vehicles. Now, it has announced the sale of the first two electric-powered Fluence Z.E. (zero emission) in the domestic market. CPFL, the largest non-state-owned group of electric energy generation and distribution in Brazil and the third biggest Brazilian electric utility company, bought the 2 cars to increase its Renault fleet to eight models, currently consisted of five Kangoo Z.E. and one ZOE. The announcement coincides with the first visit in Brazil of Vincent Carré, Commercial VP for Electric Cars at the Renault Group.
“CPFL Energia is an innovative company and, in the same way as Renault, it believes the technology has come to stay and will soon become one of the strengths of the global auto industry” said Carré, during a visit to CPFL’s headquarters, in Campinas (São Paulo), in the company of executives from CPFL Energia’s Strategy & Innovation Department.
CPFL is a pioneer in the acquisition of Renault’s EVs in Brazil. Renault Z.E. models are taking part in the company’s Electric Mobility Program, an R&D project sponsored by ANEEL (the Brazilian regulator for the electricity market) aimed at studying the impact of EVs on the power grid and the society as a whole. Launched in 2013, the project is now in its second phase and includes six EVs that are used in CPFL’s daily activities, in addition to being tested by Natura and 3M.
By the end of 2015, CPFL Energia expects to expand its EV fleet to 27 units. Therefore, the company is in negotiations with Renault to buy more cars. “Renault takes the lead in the development of EV technology, so this collaboration is vital to the success of our Electric Mobility Program”, said Rafael Lazzaretti, CPFL Energia’s Strategy & Innovation Director.
This sale adds up to 70 the number of Renault Z.E. cars currently taking part in different urban mobility programs, in a number of cities.
“Renault’s EVs are increasingly luring organizations interested in 100%-clean urban mobility solutions that are both innovative and technologically advanced. This strengthens the brand’s local market leadership in zero emission vehicles”, highlights Silvia Barcik, EV Project Coordinator at Renault Brazil.

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