Thursday, September 22, 2016.


The Curitiba City Government and the City Council have awarded the Renault Institute for services provided to the community in terms of protection, improvement of accessibility, mobility and safety on public roads. The local authorities handed a certificate to Caique Ferreira, Vice-President of the Renault Institute and Communications Director at Renault, during an event held this Tuesday (20) in Curitiba, as part of the celebrations of the National Traffic Week (Sep. 18-25).
“The Renault Institute is celebrating its six years of activity this month and Road Safety Education is one of its key pillars of activity. So we are very happy to see that the actions we are developing are paying off right here in Curitiba, the city that is home to Renault in Brazil. In collaboration with the City Government , the Renault Institute is carrying out long-term initiatives targeted at different age groups, in order to educate and raise the awareness of the largest number of people about road traffic safety”, says Ferreira.
One of the actions mentioned by the organizers is “The Road and Me”, the largest traffic safety education program developed by a car manufactured on global scale, and the “Education and Road Safety” roadshow, an initiative that is present in more than 15 countries and was implemented in Curitiba by the Renault Institute and partner companies.
“The Road and Me” program is targeted at children aged 7 to 11 years. It was implemented on a permanent basis in the cities of  Curitiba, São José dos Pinhais and Maringá (Paraná), Pelotas (Rio Grande do Sul), and Itu, São Bernardo do Campo and Santa Barbara d’Oeste (State of São Paulo), for the benefit of more than 45 thousand children in 280 schools. The initiative is also developed through itinerant presentations, such as those organized this month at Curitiba’s Total Mall and the iCities in Barigui Park, which is on show until Sep. 25.
In September 2015, the Renault Institute has put up a minitown at Bosque da Fazendinha’s Casa Klemtz, in Curitiba, where “The Road and Me” participants are received. The premises were built by the Curitiba City Govt., and they are part of SETRAN’s (the City Department of Traffic) Public Traffic School (EPTran). The circuit simulates real world traffic conditions where more than 1,000 students have participated in “The Road and Me” activities. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held last week to open a new area that includes a garage and a charging station to power the minicars, in addition to a solar panel to generate clean energy.
In addition to the practical activities developed in the minitown, the program also offers theory classes at public schools, using educational materials provided by the Renault Institute. The easy to understand content is prepared by educators with pedagogical tools adapted to the local context by PUCPR (the Catholic University of Paraná), which is certified by the National Traffic Dept.

Along with the projects mentioned at the ceremony, the Renault Institute develops other initiatives focused on education in Curitiba. The Open Forum for Traffic and Transformation is an example. Its third edition was held on Sep. 14 in the city and functions as an annual gathering to discuss a number of issues related to road safety and urban mobility.

This year, the Open Forum was redesigned to promote a debate on road safety concerns with a focus on changes that can contribute to reduce road accidents, especially public health issues related to drinking and driving. Specialists and civil society representatives discussed on the high number of accidents involving the effects of alcohol on road traffic accidents.

Created five years ago, the Renault Institute aims at promoting social and environmental responsibility activities focused on three pillars: Human Capital, channeled into Social Development, Education and Diversity; the Environment, to promote environmental sustainability; and Road Safety Education, with a special focus on ‘The Road and Me’ program. Approximately 400 thousand people have benefited from the actions carried out by the Renault Institute. Click here for additional information

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