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A double-cab pickup truck with four doors and five seats, an ample cargo bed and the right dimensions.  These are the strong points of the innovative Duster Oroch, Renault’s first vehicle in the pickup segment. The model slots in between the compact and midsize pickup truck segments by combining the best features of both. The Duster Oroch is perfect for those who are in search for freedom and want both an ample room and the versatility of a pickup, for work or pleasure.
Derived from a true SUV, the Renault Duster, the pickup made in São José dos Pinhais (PR) was developed by the RTA (Renault Technology Americas), which is aimed at developing products targeted at the needs and desires of Latin-American consumers. As a result, all versions come with rear multilink suspension, a larger wheelbase compared to the Duster and improved handling to offer firm, safe driving contrasted with a passenger car, either with the cargo bed loaded or unloaded. A total of 4,800 hours of development and 720 thousand km of road tests were completed in France, Brazil and Argentina.
The Renault Duster Oroch is a joint creation of the Renault Technocentre (France) and the Renault Design Center for Latin America (RDAL) in Sao Paulo, one of Renault’s five design centers worldwide and the only one in the Americas region. The robust and modern design is inspired by the lines of the Duster Oroch show car, a concept presented at the São Paulo Motor Show, in 2014. At the rear, the cargo bed stands out for its robustness and large dimensions.

Three versions of the Renault Duster Oroch will be available, with two options of engines, the reliable 1.6-liter 16-valve dual-fuel engine and the 2-liter 16-valve dual fuel engine, which are already found on the Duster SUV. They both scored “A” on the Brazilian Fuel Efficiency Labelling Program (PEBV). A five or six-speed transmission is available according to the powerplant, with specific gear ratios.
The pickup’s connectivity and comfort are considered a benchmark, with items such as the Media NAV Evolution, parking sensors, cruise control and trip computer. In addition, a wide range of accessories enhances versatility, including a cargo bed extender, roll cage, bike and surfboard racks, among others.


In Brazil, pick-ups account for nearly 80% of the light commercial vehicle market and 13% of the overall market, totaling approximately 450 thousand vehicles sold in 2014. These figures evidence the importance of the model in the domestic market. Between 2010 and 2014, there has been a nine-fold increase in compact pickup truck sales compared to the passenger car market. In the same period, midsize pickup sales volumes increased by 50%. In Latin America in 2014, the LCV market totaled 1.2 million units, thus representing one of the major segments in the region.
When decided to enter this segment, Renault has chosen the innovation path by introducing a solution to meet consumers’ desires in terms of roominess and versatility. The Duster Oroch innovates by creating a new segment and proving that a pickup may be roomy and robust, with generous load capacity, while offering plenty of versatility and freedom.

Renault builds on its experience in LCVs – the brand is the European leader for 17 years now – to develop an innovative model to meet Brazilian consumers’ expectations. One in three LCVs sold globally is a pickup and Renault is launching an offensive in this ever-growing market.

The Duster Oroch was created to meet the requirements of different customer profiles, such as:

1.Compact pickup truck owners: the Renault Duster Oroch goes far beyond the expectations of compact pickup users, with enough room for five people, comfort, excellent habitability, in addition to enhanced accessibility, thanks to its four doors. The taller driving position and the stance offered by its larger dimensions, as well as its robust, modern design catch the eye of customers in search for roominess to accommodate the family in the city, or when they want to hit the road.

2.Customers who never thought of buying a pickup get all the qualities of a passenger car combined with the practicality and versatility when it is time to hit the road to go for an adventure or practice sports. These customers enjoy a taller driving position, modern lines and a robust stance. The ample cargo bed offers a large load length and depth. And thanks to the wide range of accessories, customers can personalize the pickup and adapt it to their needs and requirements, with a cargo bed extender, for example.

3.Owners who use their trucks for work-related tasks and recreation: the Duster Oroch is the right choice for small business owners who use their one vehicle for work and play with family and friends. Therefore, they may benefit from lower maintenance costs and the robustness of a pick-up truck.

With four doors and seating five people, the Renault Duster Oroch offers the habitability of an SUV. Its wheelbase is 150 mm wider and it is 360 mm longer compared to the Duster SUV. The overall length is of 4,693 mm combined with a wheelbase of 2,829, which ensures excellent roominess for both front and rear passengers.
Five passengers are comfortably accommodated thanks to excellent legroom and headroom. Front passengers have 856 mm of headroom available, which is far above the measurement offered by compact pickups. Headroom is also unbeatable on the rear, with 877 mm, in addition to 150 mm of legroom, which is the best among all compact pickups and is not far from the measurements found in the midsize segment.
Behind the wheel, the driver easily finds the best driving position, thanks to the height-adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel. The taller driving position offers great visibility and makes it easier to identify obstacles around the vehicle, thus improving safety. The ergonomic steering wheel has excellent grip and it is fitted with the cruise control / speed limiter buttons, while audio controls are fitted on the steering column.

Comfort stands out in the interior, with a refined finish and a wide range of standard items. New seat trims are available, in addition to leather-wrapped seats. The dash has a modern design, with new colors and a glossy black finish around the Media Nav Evolution system.

The instrument panel is backlighted in white for better visibility and recognition of the information displayed. The instrument cluster has three displays: an analogic rev counter and speedometer and a digital display that offers fuel level readings, a multifunctional trip computer that allows checking average and instantaneous fuel consumption, range and total fuel consumption, average speed, total and partial mileage.
Different stowage compartments allow storing a number of items, such as the door bins, a storage compartment on the fascia and on the center console, in addition to front and rear cup holders for maximum functionality.
Large glass panels are among its singular assets, in addition to the excellent air circulation inside the cabin. Never seen in the compact pickup segment, rear windows can be also opened.

With 683 liters of payload, the cargo bed capacity outperforms any existing double-cab compact pickup in Brazil. It has 1,175 of length and 1,350 mm of depth, and is fitted with eight attachment points, each with a capacity to bear 50 kg – they can be folded down when not in use – in addition to a bed liner as a standard item. The tailgate opening stands up to 80 kg.
First-seen in the segment, the spare wheel is stored under the rear end, thus leaving the cargo bed fully available for transportation purposes. The safety of the system is ensured by the use of the car key to release the spare wheel.

The Renault Duster Oroch was put through extreme durability tests in Europe and South America to ensure it is prepared to take on all types of road. Responsible for its development, the RTA (Renault Technology Americas) performed 720 thousand km of road tests to ensure improved handling with the cargo bed empty or fully loaded, with five passengers or the driver only, at high temperatures or below zero conditions.
The suspension follows the system that equips the Duster 4x4, with new and reinforced components. As a result, Renault’s pickup has the robustness of a cargo vehicle with the drivability of a passenger car, either with the cargo bed completely loaded or empty. As a result, it can face any type of terrain without transmitting vibrations from road irregularities to the cabin.
The rear independent multilink MacPherson suspension is more modern than the equipment fitted in other compact or midsize pickup trucks. In addition, it ensures more comfort, lower noise levels and improved stability regardless of the type of terrain.
The front independent MacPherson suspension is fitted with coil springs and an anti-roll bar. The system was calibrated to ensure maximum stability when cornering while offering driving comfort.

The rear end was completely reinforced, including the C-pillar. The model was given a new frame and the new rear quarter panel was given a shell shape to better accommodate longer items, such as motorbikes and bicycles. The 215/65 R16 tires are designed for combined use, and are sturdier compared to tires designed for urban use only. With a larger ground clearance (206 mm) and significant approach (26º) and depart (20º) angles, Renault’s pickup can tackle urban obstacles valiantly.

Soundproofing systems follow the same evolutions applied to the 2016 Duster, which was given significant improvements. Doors, windows and dashboard are fitted with new acoustic insulation materials.
The powertrain offer goes along with the same reliable engines that equip the Duster range, such as the 1.6-liter 16-valve and 2-liter 16-valve dual fuel engines. With improvements in terms of torque and power, they are rated “A” according to the CONPET fuel consumption program.
The 2-liter 16v engine delivers 148 hp @ 5,750 rpm running on ethanol and 143 hp @ 5,750 rpm on gas. In terms of torque, it delivers 20.9 kgfm @ 4,000 rpm on ethanol and 20.2 kgfm @ 4,000 rpm on gas.
The 1.6-liter 16v engine delivers 115 hp @ 5,750 rpm running on ethanol and 110 hp @ 5,750 rpm on gas. In terms of torque, it delivers 15.9 kgfm @ 2,500 rpm on ethanol and 15.1 kgfm @ 2,500 rpm on gas.
Two transmissions are available. Pairing with the 1.6 16v engine, the 5-speed manual transmission (the same that equips the Duster 4s2) has longer fourth and fifth gears. As to the 2-liter 16v engine, it comes with a six-speed manual transmission (the same that equips the Duster 4x4), with a shorter final gear.

Duster Oroch’s engines stand out for being labelled “A” by INMETRO’s PEBV, the Brazilian Fuel Efficiency Labeling Program. All versions were awarded with the top rating.

In order to improve fuel efficiency, the Duster Oroch comes with the EcoMode function. By means of a dash button, it limits air conditioner / engine power and torque, which allows reducing fuel consumption by 10%.
To get the most of engine features, the Gear Shift Indicator (GSI) uses visual signals to inform drivers of the best moment to shift up or down to reduce fuel consumption.

Project teams from the Technocentre, in France, and the São Paulo’s RDAL (Renault Design Latin America) faced the challenge of developing a pickup truck from an SUV. While it takes its inspiration from the Duster SUV, itself a robust vehicle with an assertive personality, the local design team has delivered a fresh interpretation of the model by integrating an ample and functional bed.
The first chapter of this story was the Duster Oroch show truck, revealed at the 2014 edition of the São Paulo Motor Show, which anticipated the proposition of an innovative pickup that would create a new segment. Now, the Renault Duster Oroch is a valiant, innovative vehicle, with a harmonious design and proper dimensions.
Just like the Duster SUV, the front grille integrates the new air inlet, the large front bumper with touches of grey, dual headlights and DRL that convey an impression of strength and power. The front headlights add both boldness and refinement. With fluidity, the profile integrates the Duster’s design with the generous dimensions of the cargo bed and plastic protections. The rear bumper is perfectly integrated to the model’s design, highlighting bed dimensions. The exclusive design of the arrow-shaped headlights gives a strong attitude to the rear.
The roll cage and roof bars were designed in collaboration with the brand’s local engineering to enhance functionality. As a result, one can carry up to 80 kg on the vehicle’s roof – which is extremely useful for transportation purposes, thus enabling to secure all types of loads.
In order to add a sporty appeal, optional items available include wheelhouse moldings, mudguard extensions, headache rack, marine grade bed cover and front protector with integrated headlamps.
All versions come with 16’’ alloy wheels. The Expression 1.6-liter version comes with aluminum-tinted wheels, and the Dynamique 1.6 and 2-liter versions have unique dark grey wheels.

The Renault Duster Oroch is introduced with the exclusive Emerald Green body color, available on all versions. The color was inspired by fashion trends, extreme sports and natural elements that represent the model’s universe.
With the Media NAV Evolution, access to social media like Facebook and Twitter is easy, while the Aha smartphone app provides useful information on TripAdvisor® accommodation options, restaurants on the Yelp® database or Custom Weather reports. Worldwide web radio stations can also be accessed.

The Media NAV Evolution offers added connectivity, thanks to the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) technology, which allows real-time updates on traffic information, thus suggesting faster and more efficient routes.
IPhone users can also count on the SIRI app that employs a natural language user interface to perform actions like searching music and people on the mobile device’s phone directory – everything hands-free.
Additional features include the Eco-Coaching and Eco-Scoring and the content is accessed through a 7’’-touchscreen on the center dash.
The Duster Oroch comes with cruise control / speed limiter (Dynamique 1.6 and 2.0 versions) and rear power windows as a standard feature in all versions. Standard items include front driver and passenger air bags, ABS, power steering, CAR system (which automatically locks all 5 doors once 6 km/h is reached), trip computer, and remote fuel-filler door release

Three versions of the Renault Duster Oroch pick-up are available with two options of powertrain and two transmissions:

•Expression 1.6 16V Flex with a 5-speed MT: front driver and passenger air bags, ABS, power steering, power door locks, height-adjustable steering, air conditioned, rear window defogger, 16’’ “Aluminum” colored alloy wheels, headlight alarm, radio CD MP3 with 4 speakers (3D sound by Arkamys) + USB + Bluetooth, power windows, remote central door locking, perimetric detection alarm, steering column-mounted fingertip controls, height adjustable driver’s seat, roof rack, CAR system (automatically locks all 5 doors once 6km/h is reached), roll cage, bed liner. Options: power side view mirrors and fog lamps.

 •Dynamique 1.6 16V Flex with a 5-speed MT and Dynamique 2.0 16V with a 6-speed MT: the same equipment offered by the Expression 1.6 16v version plus Media NAV Evolution with Eco-Coaching and Eco-Scoring, fog lamps, “Dark Grey” 16’’ alloy wheels, cruise control, power side view mirrors, parking sensor, leather-wrapped steering, trip computer, outside temperature display, and driver’s one-touch window. Options: leather-appointed seats.


An array of accessories will be available from launch, including a cargo bed extender that allows increasing cargo box length by 603 mm (or 1,350 mm + 603 mm), and increasing cargo load capacity by 306 liters (683 liters + 306 liters), in addition to allowing to carry items with up to 2 meters in diagonal. When removed and fitted inside the cargo bed, the extender may be used as a partition, thus creating two separate storage spaces. The extender may also be fitted to serve as a loading ramp in order to make easier to load motorbikes and bicycles, for example.
The bed bike rack is an easy way to secure bikes upright and the transversal roof rack allows carrying bikes, stand-up paddleboards, surfboards and kayaks on the roof.
In order to add a sporty appeal, optional items available include mudguard extensions, headache rack, and front protector with integrated headlamps.
The accessories range also include items such as the marine grade bed cover, step bars, central armrest, a multifunctional storage bin, 12v cooler, portable DVD, and rearview camera.

In addition to customizing and/or improving comfort levels, customers having OEM accessories installed on their Renault Duster Oroch benefit from full factory warranty coverage for 3 years.
Renault is announcing the introduction of the all-new model since the end of 2014. During the last edition of the São Paulo Motor Show, the brand unveiled the Duster Oroch, a kitesurfing-inspired show truck conceived by the Renault Design Latin America. The model has stolen the spotlight at the event, thus becoming the segment’s major success.
Last July, the brand has revealed the production version of the Duster Oroch at the Buenos Aires Motor Show and again it became the major attraction of the event, with more than 5 million views of the brand’s related Facebook posts in less than 24 hours.
After appearing in events, trade shows, exhibitions and shopping malls, 25 thousand customers submitted their interest on the product by registering on the model’s minisite.
With the purpose of giving a preferential treatment to potential buyers following the introduction of the all-new model, Renault is launching a pre-sales campaign at its dealership network. As a result, during the last two weeks of October, consumers will be able to test-drive and pre-order the model, thus becoming the first to be behind the wheel of the novelty.
MY RENAULT: a new concept in customer relationship
Renault customers may also rely on My Renault, an innovative, digital platform that offers different information on the car, in addition to exclusive offers of products and services received in advance.
My Renault is a personal, exclusive page of every Renault vehicle owner, where all information about the car is grouped, from the driver’s handbook to advice on fuel consumption and tips for travel planning and cultural events.
My Renault also offers discounts to buy accessories or change engine oil, in addition to upgrades when it is time to trade-in your car (available for body paint and version upgrades).

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