Thursday, January 21, 2021.


‒Renault On Demand is the brand’s new, innovative mobility solution channeled into Brazilian market.

‒The subscription-based service introduced in collaboration with RCI Serviços Brasil is available across the country.

  • Brazil is the first market to introduce the new solution outside Europe.

‒With an all-online subscription process for plans ranging between 12, 18, 20 and 24 months, customers will be able to customize their plans to drive a brand-new Renault car with practicality, safety, and comfort.

Loopster is Renault’s subscription-based service created under the startup model, in March 2020. For seven months, it underwent a Proof-of-Concept trial, by means of which Renault Brazil’s and Banco RCI’s employees tested it in the state of Paraná, along with other 200 customers in six Brazilian states.  
The evolution process associated with the introduction of an innovation culminated with the launch of four types of long-term contracts to offer customizable subscription plans. Therefore, Renault On Demand allows customers to have a brand-new Renault car that always meets their needs with practicality, safety, and comfort.
Renault On Demand adds to the service portfolio offered by RCI Serviços Brasil to Renault customers, such as Revisão Fácil PRO, Revisão Programada, Manutenção mais Fácil PRO, and Renault Connect PRO (car servicing offers targeted at professional customers). Starting at R$ 869.00 a month, the subscription plans range between 12, 18, 20 or 24 months. Customers can also choose between mileage plans ranging between 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 km a month.
“Innovation has always been in our DNA. Renault is stepping up its transformation in Brazil to become a reference in mobility in the domestic market. By introducing Renault On Demand, we are expanding our service offer to make our customers’ lives easier”, highlights Bruno Hohmann, Commercial Vice President at Renault Brazil. The all-online subscription process is made through a dedicated website (, including the digital signature of the service contract and follow-up of the entire process, such as checking order status, managing payments and services subscribed, checking traffic tickets, among others. Customers can also subscribe the Renault On Demand service at Renault dealerships.
All Renault On Demand plans include the following services:
  • Maintenance: scheduled maintenance and replacement of wearing parts, including tires.
  • Document management: Renault On Demand manages all documents and taxes related to the vehicle, such as road tax (IPVA) and registration fees.
  • Auto insurance: protection against theft, robbery, fire and third-party insurance.
  • Roadside assistance: breakdown cover includes vehicle towing, locksmith service, a return or onward journey home, hotel accommodation, hire vehicles, and other emergency services available on-call (0800 888 1500).
Renault models available include Kwid Zen 1.0, Kwid Outsider 1.0, Stepway Iconic 1.6 CVT, and Duster Iconic 1.6 CVT.
Customers can also personalize the subscription service by including add-ons, with prices depending on the plan subscribed:
  • Car delivery at home.
  • Window film and/or security film.
  • Financial protection insurance: protection in case of involuntary unemployment, incapacitation (policyholders unable to work due to illness or accident), and death, in collaboration with auto insurer BNP Paribas Cardif.
In the end of the subscription plan, customers can choose to renew it in advance and, therefore, receive a new vehicle on the date the previous one is returned.
The Renault On Demand service is available across all Brazilian states.


Mobilize brings together Groupe Renault activities in mobility and energy

 Mobilize is one of the four business units unveiled by Groupe Renault on January 14. It targets customers who wish to adopt more sustainable, shared forms of mobility. Mobilize addresses new needs and promotes sustainable energy ecosystems, in line with Groupe Renault’s target of carbon neutrality and its ambition to develop circular economy value.
Mobilize provides mobility, energy, and data-related services to other brands and partners, based on best-in-class open ecosystems.
The new subscription-based service Renault On Demand is part of Mobilize, the brand’s urban and shared mobility strategy.

Renault: a reference in mobility

 Renault develops a number of mobility projects in Brazil. The Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná (FIEP), in Curitiba, has made available a carsharing system that operates with two ZOE, one Kwid, one Sandero and one Capture Bose to its employees. The service is run by Renault Mobility, which operates with a number of initiatives across the world. Since 2018, the system also operates Renault’s internal carsharing system targeted at its employees in Brazil.
In Fernando de Noronha, six all-electric cars – 3 ZOE, 2 Twizy and 1 Kangoo Z.E. – are used by the local administration, while 14 Kangoo Z.E. are used by the archipelago’s citizens. In São Paulo and São José dos Campos, Renault has partnered with beepbeep to make 30 Renault ZOE available through a carsharing system, with reservation made via a dedicated app
Last September, Renault introduced VEM PR, an initiative to make 10 pure-electric Renault ZOE cars available to public servants in the state of Paraná. Paraná is the second Brazilian state to collaborate with the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) to foster the use of electric vehicles following the Federal District, which implemented an EV carsharing pilot project for public agency use, in 2019. The so-called VEM DF project made 16 pure-electric Renault Twizy cars available, as well as 35 charging stations.
About Groupe Renault 

Groupe Renault is at the forefront of a mobility that is reinventing itself. Strengthened by its alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors, and its unique expertise in electrification, Groupe Renault comprises 5 complementary brands – Renault, Dacia, LADA, Alpine and Mobilize – offering sustainable and innovative mobility solutions to its customers. Established in more than 130 countries, it currently employs more than 180,000 people and has sold 2.9 million vehicles in 2020. Ready to pursue challenges both on the road and in competition, Groupe Renault is committed to an ambitious transformation that will generate value. This is centered on the development of new technologies and services, and a new range of even more competitive, balanced and electrified vehicles. In line with environmental challenges, the Group’s ambition is to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2050.

About RCI Serviços Brasil

RCI Serviços Brazil is part of the group that contemplates Banco RCI Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary with a focus on working hand in hand with Renault brands and its dealership network to offer competitive and attractive financial services adapted to the most demanding clientele, with added agility and efficiency. The group’s subsidiaries started to operate in 2000 and now stand on top of the banking institutions that finance Renault’s new vehicles in Brazil.

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