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New 2016 Duster: improved design, better finish and added connectivity

Ideal for urban and off-road use, roominess and robustness remain as strong points

The New 2016 Duster has an even more attractive design, added connectivity with the Media NAV and an interior with plenty of comfort, thanks to the new finishing materials employed.

Recalling its robustness, design has always been one of Duster’s strong points. And it is now even more evident in the 2016 edition, with new front and rear bumpers, a new roof rack and new wheels, as well as modern LED headlamps and tail lamps.

Behind the wheel, one immediately finds a more attractive interior, whose premium quality materials have a smooth touch on doors and seats, new finishing material used on the Black Piano center dash, and the new instrument panel with new lighting.

In terms of connectivity, the Duster innovated by offering the Media NAV in 2012. Now, the 2016 edition comes with the Media NAV Evolution, with real-time traffic information and the possibility to access social networks via a smartphone app, in addition to new functions like outside temperature, Eco-Coaching and Eco-Scoring.

Car buyers looking for a roomy SUV with a bold design, premium finish and plenty of connectivity will concur that the New 2016 Duster is the best choice. What’s more, all versions come with off-road features: approach angle of 30º, depart angle of 34.5º, and ground clearance of 21 cm.

Design: Strength and Robustness
Design is one of the strong points of the New 2016 Duster. Body sides unveil the muscly front and rear fenders joined by the skirt that convey strength and attitude.

On the front, there is a new bumper, new headlamps and a new grille. The new dual headlamps give it an imposing stance while adding boldness and refinement. Together with the fog lamps, black masked headlamps improve the impression of power. The new bumper has details in grey and the new honeycomb radiator adds robustness.

The new rear bumper, new tail lamps and trunk lid grip create a modern, robust ensemble, while side reflectors on the lower body sides ensure safety, especially at night. The LED lights literally steal the spotlight, for a touch of modernity and refinement on the rear.

The new 16’’ wheels are available for the Expression and Dynamique versions. The dual color roof rack engraved with the Duster name adds even more vigor.

The new body color in Safari Brown comes to strengthen the SUV spirit. The color was based on fashion, architecture, decoration and design trends, recalling the nature elements that embody the New 2016 Duster universe, while also adding refinement and sophistication. Except for the AWD version, a number of interior details are brown, such as the air vents. As to the AWD version, the color is found on seats and the center dash.

The Renault Design Latin America (RDAL) took part in the design of the New 2016 Duster, just like it did for other models of the Renault range. Located in São Paulo, it is the brand’s only style and design studio in the American continent.

Cozier interior
Behind the wheel, one immediately realizes that it has plenty of novelties, such as the new trim, new colors, new Black Piano center dash, and new instrument panel, just to name a few.

The New 2016 Duster has new, comfortable and anatomic seats, whose design included new, thicker foam for added comfort and ergonomics.

The new instrument panel with white lighting includes three meters: an analogic speedometer and rev counter, as well as a digital meter with fuel gauge and a multifunctional onboard computer, by means of which the driver may check average and instantaneous consumption, range, fuel tank level, average speed, total and partial mileage. The Gear Shift Indicator (GSI) uses visual signals to inform drivers of the best moment to shift up or down to reduce fuel consumption and get the most of engine features.

For a touch of modernity, the center dash with Black Piano finish embraces the Media NAV, and a number of storage compartments were added to doors, dashboard and center console.

Three different interior trims are available, while the AWD version has a brown dashboard, with leather-appointed seats as an option.

The rear has best-in-class trunk capacity, for 475 liters. The new rigid, folding tray allows easy access to goods stored while also offering additional storage on the upper side.

The New 2016 Duster comes with cruise control / speed limiter and rear power windows on the Dynamique version. Standard items include front driver and passenger air bags, ABS, power steering, CAR system (which automatically locks all 5 doors once 6km/h is reached), 6-function onboard computer, remote fuel-filler door release and a new ergonomic steering.

Media NAV Evolution: added connectivity
The all-new Media NAV Evolution that equips the New 2016 Duster has novelty features. In addition to GPS, Bluetooth and radio, the in-dash 7’’-touchscreen displays outside temperature and popup information on the automatic air conditioner and the Eco-Coaching functions, which assesses driver’s performance in the end of a journey, taking into account gear changes, speed regularity, fuel consumption and mileage run. The Eco-scoring provides guidance on economy driving.

The Media NAV Evolution offers added connectivity, thanks to the TMC (Traffic Message Channel) technology, which allows real-time updates on traffic information.

Access to social media like Facebook and Twitter is also easy, while the Aha smartphone app provides useful information on TripAdvisor® accommodation options, restaurants on the Yelp® database or Custom Weather reports. Worldwide web radio stations can also be accessed.

IPhone users can also count on the SIRI app that employs a natural language user interface to perform actions like searching music and people on the mobile device’s phone directory – everything hands-free.

Improved, efficient powerplants
The 2-liter 16-valve and 1.6-liter 16-valve engines have now more torque and power.

The 2-liter 16v engine has additional 6 horsepower, now delivering 148 hp @ 5,750 rpm running on ethanol and 143 hp @ 5,750 rpm on gas. On low rev, it was given additional 1 kgfm of torque, now delivering 18.8 kgfm @ 2,250 rpm on ethanol, and additional 0.5 kgfm of torque on low rev running on gas, now delivering 17.9 kgfm @ 2,250 rpm.

The 1.6-liter 16v engine has additional 1 kgfm of torque on low rev, now delivering 14.6 kgfm @ 2,500 rpm on ethanol, and additional 0.5 kgfm of torque on low rev, now delivering 14.1 kgfm @ 2,500 rpm on gas.

Duster’s engines were labelled “A” by INMETRO’s PEBV, the Brazilian Fuel Efficiency Labeling Program. All three versions awarded with the top rating are equipped with a manual transmission: Dynamique 1.6 16V, Dynamique 2.0 16V and Dynamique 2.0 16V AWD.

What is more, the New 2016 Duster comes with the EcoMode function. By means of a dash button, it limits air conditioner / engine power and torque, which allows reducing fuel consumption by 10%.

Five versions of the New 2016 Duster are available, with two options of engines and two transmissions: Expression 1.6 16V with a manual transmission (MT), Dynamique 2.0 16V MT, Dynamique 2.0 with automatic transmission (AT) and Dynamique 2.0 16V AWD MT. The standard items that equip each version are listed below:

• Expression 1.6 16V MT:  front driver and passenger air bags, ABS, power steering, power door locks, height-adjustable steering, heating system, rear window defogger, black-masked headlamps, hi-level brake light, 16’’ standard iron wheels, black side view mirrors, dual color bumpers, radio CD MP3 double DIN + USB + Bluetooth, 16’’ steel wheels, power windows, perimetric detection alarm, height adjustable driver’s seat, roof bars, and 16’’ alloy wheels as an option.

• Dynamique 1.6 16V MT and Dynamique 2.0 16V MT or AT: the same equipment offered by the 1.6-liter 16-valve Expression version plus Media NAV Evolution, fog lamps, body-colored bumpers, 16’’ alloy wheels, cruise control, power windows, parking sensor, onboard computer, 12-volt plug on the rear, and driver’s one-touch window. Leather-appointed seats, cruise control and rearview camera are offered as an option.

• Dynamique 2.0 16V AWD MT: the same equipment offered by the 2-liter 16-valve Expression version plus leather-appointed seats (optional), dual color bumpers, and dark grey 16’’ alloy wheels. Leather-appointed seats, cruise control and rearview camera are offered as an option.
Accessories range
The 2016 Duster offers a wide range of accessories, especially developed for the model and fully type-approved. All items are covered by the factory warranty and include carpet mats, towing hook, fog lamps, chrome tailpipe extension, and parking sensor.

The Adventure kit offers vehicle front protector with in-built fog lamps, flared wheel arches and platform-style door sills.

In addition to customizing and/or improving comfort levels, the customer having OEM accessories installed on their 2016 Duster benefits from full factory warranty coverage for 3 years.

After sales
The New 2016 Duster is covered with a full 3-year warranty with a limitation of 100,000 km, whatever comes first. The maintenance program requires scheduled servicing every 10,000 km or every year.

With 294 stores, the Renault dealership network offers fixed price servicing packages for scheduled maintenance and replacement of parts – including wear & tear components. As a result, customers are previously informed on the cost of each service, as suggested retail prices include parts & labor costs.

The New 2016 Duster also comes with the Renault Assistance service that provides roadside assistance 24h/7. If necessary, a technician repairs the vehicle on-site and, if needed be, it can be towed to the nearest dealership workshop. The road assistance service is valid for 24 months after the purchase of every brand new vehicle.

My Renault: a new concept in customer relationship
Renault customers may also rely on My Renault, an innovative, digital platform that offers different information on the car, in addition to exclusive offers of products and services received first-hand.

My Renault is a personal, exclusive page of every Renault vehicle owner, where all information about the car is grouped, from the driver’s handbook to advice on fuel consumption and tips for travel planning and cultural events.

My Renault also offers discounts to buy accessories or change engine oil, in addition to upgrades when it is time to trade-in your car (available for body paint and version upgrades).

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