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New Fluence 2015: driving pleasure in a comprehensive sedan

Model comes with added technology and safety, with a new design

Highly praised as one of the country’s best sedans and offering driving pleasure, the 2015 Fluence comes with added technology and safety, with a new design in line with the brand’s new visual identity.

Totaling 8% of domestic sales, the midsize sedan segment is one of the most important ones in the local market and is among those facing the toughest competition, with more than 10 competitors.

The New Fluence 2015 includes new features, such as the new R-Link multimedia system, with a larger 7-inch screen with a multitouch function that recognizes more than one point of contact with the surface, like smartphones, and speech recognition to make telephone calls, in addition to the ISOFIX system to attach child seats on the rear bench, LED tail lamps and LED mirror-mounted turn signals.
Added technology provides more comfort and functionality
The New Fluence 2015 is one of the segment’s best models, thanks to a number of equipment offered to make the user’s life easier:

Walk away locking (WAL): a function that allows locking doors and automatically retracting side mirrors. The first-in-segment remote function is available on the Privilège version.

R-Link: the new, functional multimedia system has a 7-inch multitouch screen with speech recognition and integrated GPS. Multimedia system (telephone + SMS, USB, Bluetooth, speech recognition, music and video player, photo viewer). 3D Sound by Arkamis, a hi-fi audio system. 7-inch screen with multitouch function that allows zooming or moving objects onscreen, like in smartphones. Integrated GPS with TomTom® system. Eco-coaching, which allows obtaining precise information on fuel consumption, range and itinerary history. It also displays images from the rearview camera when the reverse gear is engaged.

Hands-free system: a smart innovation that allows locking the doors and starting the engine without the need of using an ignition key.

Dual-zone air conditioner: allows front seat passengers to customize individual temperature settings; the preset temperature is maintained regardless of the exterior temperature. Rear bench passengers also have dedicated air vents.
Added technology provides more safety
The Fluence already offered a higher level of safety and now it has the ISOFIX system as a standard feature that allows attaching child seats on the rear bench.
Additional safety features include:
The electronic stability control (ESP) that improves safety when cornering to counter oversteering and understeering.

Traction control (ASR / TCS) that prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels.
ABS system with emergency brake assist (EBA) and electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) to increase braking pressure in an emergency situation.
Six air bags (front, rear, curtains) available on the Privilège version and four (front and side) air bags on the Dynamique version.
Sophisticated design with the brand’s new visual identity
On the outside, the New Fluence 2015 has outstanding novelties, such as the new front that follows the brand’s new global visual identity.

The model has a new front bumper and the LED daytime running lights come as a standard feature, improving the model’s stance.

On the rear, the Privilège version has new LED tail lights, for a more impressive attitude at night.

The new 16’’ (Dynamique) and 17’’ wheels (Privilège) have an exclusive design, adding sportiveness.

The New Fluence 2015 is introduced in Amethyst Black, the same color found in luxury design products worldwide aimed at a demanding target public that is always in search for premium quality and prestige.
Engine and transmission
Fluence’s recognized driving pleasure is offered by its 2-liter 16-valve Hi-Flex engine with Double Overhead Camshaft (DOC). Two transmissions are available: a 6-speed manual transmission, for drivers that favor sportiveness, and the XTRONIC CVT transmission, that allows smooth gear shifts without jerking and improving fuel economy.

The powerplant delivers 143 hp on ethanol and 140 hp on gas at 6,000 rpm, with one of the highest torques in the segment – 20.30 kgfm on ethanol and 19.90 kgfm on gas, at 3,750 rpm.

Comprehensive versions
This segment’s customers seek sophistication and premium features, so the New Fluence 2015 is available in four versions: Dynamique, Dynamique CVT, Dynamique CVT Plus and Privilège. All versions offer a comprehensive standard items list, with functionalities that make everyday life easier.
Fluence’s entry version offers a series of standard equipment to provide an experience that goes far from simply driving, starting from the model’s interior. The digital gauges are a standard feature on all versions, adding sophistication and improving visibility. The dual zone automatic air conditioner allows driver and front passenger to set individual temperatures, contributing to the well-being inside the cabin.

The hands-free ignition is a card that goes far beyond the functionality of a key, by enabling locking and unlocking doors and starting the engine without the need of having an ignition key, for an improved freedom.

Safety items include four air bags (front and side) and ABS brakes, as well as the ISOFIX system that allows attaching a child seat on the rear bench.

On the outside, the new design features a new front, new bumper with LED daytime running lights and new 16’’ wheels.
Dynamique CVT
The Dynamique CVT includes all items found on the entry version, plus the efficient XTRONIC CVT transmission that allows changing gears smoothly. For those who prefer to change gears, it is possible to select the six-speed sequential system.
Dynamique CVT Plus
Introduced with the New Fluence 2015 range, this version is ideal for those who want more sophistication and technology. The R-Link multimedia system comes as a standard feature, in addition to leather-appointed seats and new layout details first appearing on the 2015 range.
The top-of-the-range version Privilège is equipped with all items found on the Dynamique version and includes additional technology, safety and design features, for demanding customers that are in search for a fully-equipped sedan. Novelties include xenon headlamps and rooftop, now offered as standard, as well as exclusive LED mirror-mounted turn signals. Differently from the Dynamique version, the Privilège version offers 17’’ wheels.
The rearview camera was included to allow viewing images on the R-Link screen.
The hands-free card offered on the Privilège version provides freedom to drivers with the exclusive, first-in-segment walk away locking device. This remote function is automatically activated without any interference of the driver, who has simply to move away from the car (at least 5 meters) to automatically lock doors and close windows.

Essential items that enhance drivers’ safety were included in the Privilège version, such as the six air bags (front, side and curtains). ABS brakes are equipped with emergency brake assist (EBA), electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD) and electronic stability control (ESP).
After sales
The New Fluence 2015 offers a three-year warranty or 100 thousand kilometers, whatever comes first. The maintenance program comprises scheduled visits to the dealership every 10,000 km or annually.

Renault’s dealership network offer fixed price servicings and fixed price replacement parts for wear and tear items or those most commonly replaced. Both packages allow customers know service costs in advance, especially because tariffs include spare parts and labor.

New Fluence 2015 owners can also count on the Renault Assistance, a roadside and emergency assistance program available 24/7. If necessary, the Renault Assistance service will bring help to repair your car on-site and, if that is the case, the car will be towed to the nearest Renault dealership. The service is offered for 24 months after car purchase.
My Renault: a new customer relationship concept
Renault customers may count on the My Renault online service, an innovative platform made available to Renault owners that offers an array of information on your car, exclusive offers related to products and services, as well as relevant, first-hand news.

My Renault puts everything owners need on a personal online page, such as drivers’ handbooks and fuel consumption tips, in addition to cultural and travel information.
My Renault benefits include exclusive discounts for the purchase of accessories and oil change or upgrades relating to versions or metallic paint free of charge when a new car is purchased.

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