Thursday, September 11, 2014.

New Sandero and Logan with an automated transmission

In addition to making it easier to drive in congested traffic, the Easy’R transmission consumes approximately 20% less fuel than a conventional automatic transmission.
Renault is offering a fuel saving automated transmission at an affordable price aimed at customers who want more comfort and convenience, especially in urban areas. The Easy’R is a five-speed automated transmission available for both models equipped with a 1.6-liter 8v engine (Expression and Dynamique) at R$2,400.
In addition to offering more convenience, the automated transmission consumes 20% less fuel than a conventional automatic transmission (with a torque converter).
The automated transmission does not change gears automatically, but rather facilitates manual gear changes by dispensing with the need to press a clutch pedal at the same time as changing gears.
The Easy’R transmission change gears electro-electronically. By touching the gearshift, the driver can also change gears sequentially. They can also drive in economy or sports mode automatically, as the system adapts itself to the one’s driving style. In case of kick down, the Easy’R transmission will change gears in sports mode or enabling to overtake more safely.
Parking is easier thanks to the creeping function that ‘creeps" forward when the driver's foot is released from the brake pedal when the car is stationary. The creeping system includes a hill start assist function for slopes with up to 4 degrees.
With an Easy’R transmission, the Sandero Expression 1.6-liter 8v has a MSRP of R$43,000. The Sandero Dynamique is offered at R$47,180. The Logan Expression 1.6-liter 8v is offered at R$45,490 with the new equipment and the Logan Dynamique has a price tag of R$50,180 with the same function.
The Easy’R transmission was developed by German supplier ZF in the course of 3 years, after completion of more than one million kilometers running the equipment on test benches or on road tests with the device assembled on the Sandero and Logan, in three different continents. The system is making its world première in Brazil.
Sandero and Logan offer a 3-year warranty or 100 thousand kilometers, whatever comes first. The scheduled maintenance shall be performed at 10,000-kilometer intervals or annually.
For versions without air conditioning, the scheduled maintenance costs the equivalent to R$1 a day if the total cost of the maintenance program is divided into the number of days corresponding to three years. This is one of the lowest running costs in its class.

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