Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

New Sandero Stepway Tweed inspired by vintage trend

Renault Brazil is introducing its first novelty in 2014. The Sandero Stepway Tweed has outstanding design details and a comprehensive standard features package.
Without neglecting Sandero’s celebrated strong points – such as interior room and powertrain robustness – the special series that will be offered at every one of the brand’s 275 dealerships throughout the country was inspired by the fashion universe and adopted the classic duotone textile pattern characterized by broken checks, known as hound’s-tooth check, or pied-de-poule, in French.
“We think the car is an extension of one’s personality. This is why the Stepway Tweed has plenty of boldness. We meant to give it outstanding standard features inspired by the vintage style. It is all about a timeless pattern that has been used by the mean fashion trendsetters for many decades”, says Massimo Barbieri, chief designer at Renault Design Latin America.

It is easy to notice the Sandero Stepway Tweed’s outstanding design features. It is offered in only two different body colors: white with touches of black and black with a hint of white. “One is the opposite of the other for added refinement, recalling the vintage style”, says Barbieri.

The limited series places a bet on color contrast with details such as the front grille, door handles, side view mirrors, roof rack and wheels, whose exclusive design was specially created for this limited series. For instance, the white Sandero Stepway Tweed has glossy black 16” allow wheels. The black one has white wheels, giving it an extra sporty look.

The hound’s-tooth check pattern is also found on the inside. It was adopted for seat side and door trimming, in addition to the silkscreened dash, pairing with contrasting instrument background: black for the rev counter and white for the speedometer.
“The logo on body side stickers also evokes classic car monograms”, says Barbieri.  
Standard features
The Sandero Stepway Tweed Limited Series is equipped with power steering, air conditioner, ABS, dual front air bags, fog lamps, and four door power windows, in addition to the Media NAV system, multimedia equipment integrated to the dash, with GPS and radio with the 3D Sound by Arkamis audio system, that includes Bluetooth, USB and AUX inputs. Comfort and convenience items include power side mirrors, a perimetric detection alarm, and leather wrapped steering.
The Sandero Stepway Tweed inherits the Sandero Stepway’s powertrain, and is available with a five-speed transmission coupled with the 1.6-liter 8-valve Hi-Power engine that delivers 106 horsepower with ethanol and 98 horsepower with gas. A four-speed automatic transmission is also available, with the 1.6-liter 16-valve Hi-Flex engine that delivers 112 hp (ethanol) and 107 hp (gas).

Thanks to its 50-mm higher suspension, the hatchback is ready to triumph over precarious streets and roads, commonly found in Brazil.
The Sandero Stepway Tweed is offered at a MSRP of R$ 47,390 with a manual transmission and R$ 51,640 with an AT. The special series is limited to 1,900 units.
“The Sandero is one of the country’s 10 best-selling models. The Stepway version reached its sales peak last January ever since its launch”, says Bruno Hohmann, Renault Brazil’s Marketing Director.
Three-year warranty
Just as Renault Brazil’s passenger car range, the Sandero Stepway Teed is offered with a 36-month warranty or 100,000 km (whatever comes first).

With maintenance scheduled at 10,000 km intervals, it costs less than R$1 a day to have this special series in optimum condition throughout its three-year warranty. The calculation was based on the average use of a Brazilian car owner in three years (45,000 km). The total mileage was then divided by the number of days that total three years.

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