Thursday, November 04, 2021.

Renault and Copel launch employee carsharing and short-term car rental services

  • Two all-electric Zoe will be available for shared use by Copel employees, for both personal and business use
  • Reservations will be made through the Mobilize Share app, which is already adopted by other Renault carsharing and short-term car rental services in Brazil and elsewhere
  • The announcement adds to a number of initiatives the brand has launched with a focus on mobility

Renault Brazil is partnering with Copel (Paraná State Energy Company) to expand the electricity distributor’s employee carsharing and short-term car rental program. The new mobility service will offer two all-electric Renault Zoe for shared use by Copel headquarters employees in Curitiba – approximately 2,500 people –, for both personal and business use.

Reservations are made through the Mobilize Share app, which allows Copel employees to check availability and advance book a car for either short-term rental or carsharing – for up to 23 hours – being charged by the hour, days or weeks. The cars can be used for both personal and business use, with pickup and return at Copel’s headquarters. 

“In addition to designing and making cars, we also aim at offering mobility services and solutions. Now, the Mobilize Share app will allow offering these innovations to Copel employees, enabling the smart and shared use of vehicles”, says Ricardo Gondo, president, Renault Brazil.

For Copel, the program is a new step towards consolidating the company’s electric mobility initiative, which started in 2018 when it developed the country’s longest electric highway by building 12 charging stations spanning 730 km along BR-277 highway, connecting the far east coast to the far west of Paraná state.

“Ever since the electric highway was build, Copel knew it was necessary to invest in reliable and qualified grids to expand the EV market in Brazil. With the proof of concept of Renault’s carsharing service, we will further advance our know-how while improving and assessing new business opportunities that can emerge with the use of the technology”, says Daniel Pimentel Slaviero, president, Copel.

Renault’s mobility programs

Mobilize is one of Renault Group’s four business units. It targets customers who wish to adopt more sustainable, shared forms of mobility. Mobilize Share is the new name of the service and app – formerly called Renault Mobility by Mobilize.

Collaboration with Copel adds to a number of initiatives Renault has launched with a focus on mobility. 

The Mobilize Share program was first implemented at the Ayrton Senna Industrial Complex, targeted at Renault employees. The Mobilize Share app is also used in other carsharing and short-term rental programs, such as those implemented by FIEP (Federation of Industries of the State of Paraná), Lactec, Casa LIDE and Globo dealership, in Curitiba.

Renault has also partnered with ABDI (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development), the Itaipu Technological Park and local governments to launch other mobility services, such as VEM DF and VEM PR, which offer Renault EVs for shared use by civil servants.

In Fernando de Noronha, 28 Renault EVs are already registered on the island, as part of the Noronha Zero Carbon Project. Collaboration between the Archipelago’s administration, WEG and Polo allowed building a charging station to ensure that all EVs currently on the island are powered by clean and sustainable energy, while the surplus is made available for residents’ use.

Organizations willing to deploy a carsharing or short-term rental system using the Renault Mobility app for B2B or B2B2C purposes shall email the Renault team:

About Copel 

Copel – Companhia Paranaense de Energia – is the largest company of the State of Paraná. By means of its subsidiaries, it is focused on electricity generation, transmission, distribution and trade. Copel is the country’s seventh largest energy company and the 42nd largest business group, with a market value of R$ 18 billion (September 2021). The Company went public in April 1994 (São Paulo Stock Exchange – B3); in 1997, it was the first company of the Brazilian electricity sector to be listed at the New York Stock Exchange. As from June 2002, the brand is also present at the European Economic Community, having been listed at Latibex – the Latin American arm of the Madrid Stock Exchange. The company was founded in October 1954, with ownership control held by the State of Paraná. Copel’s pioneering story is the legacy that keeps it focused on the future ahead, while pursuing a sustainable business model in its operations across 10 Brazilian states. 

About Mobilize

Mobilize manages mobility, energy, and data services. It is part of Renault Group. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize provides flexible mobility solutions and promotes a transition towards sustainable energy solutions, as outlined in Renault Group's goal of achieving carbon neutrality and fostering growth within the circular economy.

About Renault Brazil

With a local production for over 22 years now, Renault Brazil’s Ayrton Senna Complex is home to four plants in the city of São José dos Pinhais, state of Paraná: a passenger car plant (CVP), a light commercial vehicles plant (CVU) and a powertrain plant (CMO), as well as an aluminum die-casting plant (CIA). 

With a comprehensive range including class-leading vehicles like the Kwid and Master, as well as the Sandero, Stepway, Logan, Duster, Oroch and Captur, in addition to the all-electric Zoe E-Tech, Renault has taken an innovative approach by offering an all-online car buying process, among other solutions to make customers’ lives easier. With Renault On Demand, its long-term car rental service, Renault provides new mobility solutions that go hand in hand with a number of carsharing programs. 

The car manufacturer also works in collaboration with partner organizations to deploy clean energy solutions, such as in Fernando de Noronha, where a solar carport powers more than 30 electric vehicles operated on the Island.

In charge of managing the brand’s societal and environmental initiatives across the country, Renault Institute contributes to the society’s development, for a positive impact exceeding 800 thousand people throughout its 10 years, with a focus on Inclusion and Road Safety.

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