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Renault has hit an all-time market share, with 7.5% in 2016, up 0.2 pp from the year before, when it announced its best market share in the domestic market. The expansion follows a growth momentum that started in 2010, when the brand reported 4.8% of market share, thanks to a revamped lineup with an attractive design, after sales quality and a number of strategies to get closer to customers.

In 2016, Renault was ranked the 7th top-selling car manufacturer, with 63,235 units. Once again, the Stepway topped the compact adventure hatchback segment, while the Renault Master is the best-selling van in the LCV segment for models exceeding 3.5 tons of gross vehicle weight rating, with 6,340 units registered – up 3,437 units from the model ranked second.

“2017 is the year of our product offensive in the SUV segment. Captur, Koleos and Kwid are core models for our growth strategy locally. Featuring the brand’s new global design cues and offering plenty of technologies to make customers’ lives easier were key priorities in their development phase”, says Fabrice Cambolive, President at Renault Brazil.

The all-new SUV range mentioned by Cambolive was the brand’s leading attraction at the 2016 edition of the São Paulo Motor Show, when Renault exhibited the three models, especially the Captur – with start of sales planned for February – and two all-new powertrains, the 1.0 SCe and 1.6 SCe engines. A number of attractions lured those visiting the booth, such as racecars, virtual reality gadgets, as well as special events held at the Renault Studio and attended by celebrities and the country’s most popular YouTubers.

Renault also offered digital novelties to auto-show goers with the “Renault 2016 SPMS” app. Featuring six functions, the app allowed users to have an immersive experience by downloading brand-related content into their smartphones and having information on the cars on exhibit at the show. With the Captur Game, users searched virtual Renault cars at the exhibition hall.

In 2016, Renault revamped its powertrain range, especially the 1.0 SCe and 1.6 SCe engines, launched in November. The Smart Control Efficiency (SCe) engines are manufactured at the Ayrton Senna Complex, in Paraná and come with an array of F1-inspired technologies to enhance driving pleasure and fuel economy. The 1-liter SCe engine is available for the Sandero and Logan range, while the 1.6-liter SCe engine is available for the Sandero, Logan, Duster and Duster Oroch.

Available for the Duster and Duster Oroch, the 2-liter 16-valve engine was renewed in August. The new powerplant improves energy efficiency by 11.5% compared to the previous model, thanks to the ESM (Energy Smart Management), an F1 inspired technology that recovers braking and deceleration energy to optimize efficiency. In addition, the Duster Oroch may be now equipped with an automatic transmission.

Renault has organized a number of events to come closer to consumers and the public in general throughout the year. As an official sponsor of the Casa Cor interior design exhibition for the second year in a row, Renault has exhibited the Duster Oroch in the Living Garage – a place designed to spend pleasurable moments with family and friends – in 17 cities nationwide.

Off-road enthusiasts were offered the Duster’s Sunday to experience the model’s AWD features. The event was organized in six Brazilian states and the Federal District, with tours including river crossing, dunes and other exciting challenges.

Sandero R.S. owners were given an opportunity to enjoy the Sandero R.S. Speed Experience at the Capuava Farm Circuit, in Campinas. The Speed Experience included track speed tests as well as comprehensive instructions on the use of the Sandero R.S. 2.0 technologies.

Talking of speed, Renault has entered two teams behind the wheel of a competition Sandero to take part in the Brazilian Multi-Brand Championship. After the last round held on São Paulo’s Interlagos Circuit, Renault finished second in the overall rankings, with 504 points, while driver Guilherme Salas was ranked fourth. Throughout the year, the two Renault Fluence especially prepared to take part in the competition arrived first five times, with nine podium finishes for the drivers.
Awards and accolades

Throughout 2016, Renault has received a number of accolades for its after sales services, management and CSR.

In March, it was recognized with a gold medal at the 2016 WEPs Brazil Award – Companies Empowering Women, an initiative sponsored by Itaipu Binational in the framework of the UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact to promote a culture of and environment with gender equality amongst Brazilian companies of all sizes and sectors.

For the sixth year in a row, Renault was ranked amongst the 150 Best Places to Work. The study organized by Você S/A magazine considered that the company’s gender equality scheme were a key factor to include it in the ranking.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of Renault’s trademarks. The Kitchen School program maintained by the Borda Viva Association in collaboration with the Renault Institute was recognized with SESI’s 2016 SDG Awards in recognition of the good practices implemented to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set forth by the United Nations.

As to after sales services, the brand has also been recognized by Consumidor Moderno Magazine’s Excellence in Customer Services for two years in a row (2015 and 2016), according to a comparative analysis carried out in the auto industry. The award is considered an in-depth report of premium customer services provided by companies established in Brazil.

Best-selling van in its class for three consecutive years, the Renault Master was awarded with the Best Resale Value award in 2016 in the Chassis-Cabin segment, according to a survey organized by Frota Publishers and Molicar, an agency that annually reports the fastest depreciating cars after 3 years of use.

Since start of operations six years ago, the Renault Institute has reached 500 thousand people through actions focused on three pillars – Road Safety Education, Human Capital and the Environment –, which can now be followed on the organization’s website (

In terms of Road Safety Education, two new mini-towns were opened in the framework of “The Road and Me” program (Maringá (PR) and Santa Barbara D’Oeste (SP)), totaling seven cities that implemented the initiative on a permanent basis. Additionally, eight itinerant events were organized in events such as ExpoIngá and the São Paulo Motor Show, in addition to those held in shopping malls in Sorocaba, São José do Rio Preto and Curitiba, as well as two large urban parks in São Paulo: Ibirapuera and Villa-Lobos.

Road Safety Education also formed the basis for the 4th edition of the Open Forum on Traffic and Transformation held in Curitiba, an event that functions as an annual gathering to discuss a number of issues related to road safety and urban mobility. A special edition of the Open Forum was also held at the 2016 São Paulo Motor Show.

In Campinas, the Renault Institute organized two editions of its Defensive Driving course targeted at women and media professionals. The event follows the Yellow May initiatives channeled into road safety.

The Renault Institute partners with the Borda Viva Association to carry out activities related with its Human Capital Pillar. For example, bags and accessories made by the Sewing House are sold at L’Atelier Renault, at Paris’ Champs-Élysées avenue. In Curitiba, Fórmula Parque and Globo Água Verde dealerships also started to sell its products in December, improving the project’s visibility. Throughout 2016, the Borda Viva Association took part in an array of events organized by Renault targeted at the press and the general public, such as the two editions of the French Bazar, in São Paulo.

The Renault Experience 2.0 was reorganized, with a fully online environment that has hit a record number of enrollments from university students countrywide. The program incentivizes students to develop mobility and connectivity projects that may become reality following a startup model.

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