Friday, May 20, 2016.

Renault Institute organizes new edition of its defensive driving course

As part of the actions carried out in the framework of the Yellow May movement, the Renault Institute carried out another edition of its defensive driving course, now with a special day dedicated to female drivers. Held on May 12 and 13, the purpose was to offer theoretical information and practical activities to participants, who could realize how they can improve their driving habits. Properly adjusting the driving position, ABS braking techniques (dry and wet conditions), and ESP use were among the topics covered by the course. The sports hatchback Sandero R.S. 2.0 was used for on-track exercises.

“Road Safety is one of Renault Institute’s key areas of activity and our initiatives in this area have an educational character, such as the defensive driving course. We want to demonstrate our support to Yellow May, an international movement that seeks to promote road safety around the world and raise awareness of the high level of traffic deaths, injuries and disabilities”, said Caique Ferreira, Vice-President of the Renault Institute and Communications Director at Renault.

Professional drivers Fábio Carbone and Guilherme Salas, members of the Greco Renault team at the Brazilian Multi-Brand Championship, and Team Principal Fabio Greco also took part in the event. The trio gave a speech about racetrack-inspired safety features that are now seen on production models. May 13 was female drivers’ day, attended by 15 Renault employees and participants of the ‘Learning how to be you’ (free translation of “Escola de Você”), a project developed by journalists Ana Paula Padrão and Natália Leite focused on professional empowerment of women.

“The Defensive Driving Course is an awareness program that puts theoretical information into practice to help trainees learn more easily. I was especially interested in the differences between preventive, passive and active safety. Now I know that simple actions make all the difference to avoid an accident. And I will indeed pay more attention to the use of the seatbelt – particularly by rear passengers. It is quite interesting to see that Renault is concerned about safety, especially when it comes to women”, said Juliana Reis, representative of the ‘Learning how to be you’ project.

Yellow May

In addition to the defensive driving course, the Renault Institute organized a number of activities to back the Yellow May movement, including itinerant events of “The Road and Me” project channeled into road safety education in Maringá (Paraná), São José do Rio Preto (São Paulo), and São José dos Pinhais (Paraná), for children aged 7-11. The activities are carried out in a minitown that simulates real driving conditions. Supervised by dedicated instructors, children learn how to share the urban space with other road users.

The initiatives are organized in parallel with permanent activities of “The Road and Me” program implemented in the cities of Curitiba and São José dos Pinhais (Paraná), Pelotas (Rio Grande do Sul), Itu and São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo), and Maringá, for the benefit of approximately 45 thousand children.

Additionally, Renault Institute’s VP Caíque Ferreira will deliver a speech on defensive driving to Getúlio Vargas Refinery employees in the city of Araucaria (Paraná), on May 20.

Renault Institute

Created in 2010, the Renault Institute has the purpose of promoting actions channeled into social and environmental sustainability, based on three pillars: Human Capital, focused on Societal Development, Education and Diversity; the Environment, by promoting environmental sustainability; and Road Safety Education, especially through “The Road and Me” project. The actions carried out by the Institute have already benefited 350 thousand people nationwide.

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