Monday, April 10, 2017.


For the fifth consecutive year, Renault is the official sponsor of the Curitiba Theater Festival, whose 27th edition started on March 28 with Fernanda Montenegro’s dramatic reading of “Nelson Rodrigues por Ele Mesmo”. Held until April 9, the festival is the country’s most prominent event in its genre. “It is amazing to be part of the Curitiba Theater Festival history, and this evidences our commitment to the promotion of culture in Paraná, which is home to Renault in Brazil”, said Fabrice Cambolive, the carmaker’s president.

In addition to sponsoring the Festival, Renault is backing the renovation of theaters Guaíra and Guairinha, in Paraná. The company also subsidized renovation of the Paraná State Public Library, whose first stage was completed in March, and it contributes to a number of cultural events throughout the year as well.
Renault Captur
This year, the Festival plays a leading role for Renault in Curitiba, as it is grabbing the chance to exhibit the all-new Captur SUV. A global reference in design, the car will be on display at the Guaíra Theater during the Festival’s main performances. The public can interact with the car through a touchscreen device that allows choosing digital scenarios where the sport utility vehicle is set.
About the Festival

The 26th edition of the Curitiba Theater Festival will stage 38 events, with eight national premieres and three international performances in the official festival. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Fringe is the main off festival and will host 11 special performances – out of which a Portuguese group’s performance that will be staged five times. The festival totals 303 performances, including 45 street shows and 66 free admission events.
Along with shows, performances, presentations and two concerts, the program includes a number of happenings, from workshops to after play talks, curatorship and art critics’ gatherings, other activities to foster critical thinking, as well as cultural exchanges among artists and the public in general.
Furthermore, the festival will host dance related events to promote discussions on the subject of performing arts, with the participation of theatrical producers.

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