Monday, October 07, 2019.

With 16 Renault Twizy, Brasília launches carsharing service

Developed in collaboration between ABDI, GDF and PTI, VEM DF is a pioneering initiative aimed at sharing EVs between government agencies

Thanks to collaboration between the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI), Itaipu Technological Park (PTI) and the Federal District Government (GDF), the VEM DF (Vehicle for Electric Mobility) service was launched this Monday (07) during a ceremony held at Palácio do Buriti, the Federal District Government’s headquarters, in Brasília. VEM DF is a pioneering service aimed at sharing EVs between government agencies, by means of which 16 Renault Twizy will be shared by Brazil’s Federal District administrations.

“For Renault, it is a real privilege to play a part in the launch of such a major initiative. VEM DF will certainly set a new benchmark for electric mobility in Brazil”, says Ricardo Gondo, president at Renault Brazil.

At the start of the project, VEM DF will be initially restricted to the area surrounding the Ministries Esplanade and key buildings of the Federal District administration. Two cars have already been accredited under the program to carry government employees. Other cars will be accredited by the end of this year, with the installation of the Mobi-e software that manages the government car fleet.

Designed by Itaipu’s PTI, the Mobi-e application already manages Itaipu’s internal carsharing service, which also uses the Renault Twizy. The Mobi-e app allows making reservations, tracking the car location, monitoring speed and battery charge level, and checking routes traveled, among others. Eligible public servants unlock the cars using their employee ID cards.

The Federal District administration is planning to install 35 charging stations made by WEG to ensure battery charging. In order to encourage EV use, the administration will made all charging stations available to the public at no cost.

“ABDI aims at promoting solutions and encouraging investments in electric mobility, which is one of the strategic pillars of smart cities”, said Igor Calvet, President, ABDI.

Renault: a reference in Zero Emission Mobility
Renault is an EV technology pioneer and a reference in zero emission mobility initiatives. In Madrid, the Zity carsharing service operates with 650 ZOE, with reservation made via a dedicated app. In France, the Moov’In Paris is a carsharing system also available via mobile app. The service offers 100 ZOE and 20 Twizy in the cities of Paris and Clichy.

In addition to carsharing initiatives, Renault is also involved in Smart Island projects – aimed at a smart environment and smart living. In Belle-Île-en-Mer (France), 18 ZOE and 2 Kangoo Z.E are used by carsharing and car rental services. Batteries are charged by solar panels, with seven charging points scattered throughout the island. The initiative also includes the use of second-life batteries. In Porto Santo (Portugal), 14 ZOE and 6 Kangoo Z.E. are used both as a means of transportation and to store solar and wind energy during part of the day, in order to avoid wasting the energy generated.

Renault also develops a number of zero emission initiatives in Brazil. The brand delivered the first all-electric cars to Fernando de Noronha’s administration. Six cars – 3 ZOE, 2 Twizy and 1 Kangoo Z.E. –have been loaned for use of the local administration. During an event held last June, Pernambuco State Governor Paulo Câmara has signed a decree stating that Noronha will be an all-electric-vehicle only island as of 2022.

Thanks to collaboration between Renault and engineering firm MRV, 2 Renault ZOE have been made available for carsharing among the residents of a gated community in Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais. Renault also started to operate an all-electric mobility solution in the city of São Paulo targeted at residents of Cubo Itaú, Latin America’s top entrepreneurship hub. The cars are made available to users after being unlocked via an app developed by Joycar, a startup based in the hub.

Following a collaboration channeled into Zero Emission Mobility entered between Renault and Beep Beep, in São Paulo, Renault has made available 10 Renault ZOE for a carsharing system, with reservation made via a dedicated app.

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