Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

With sensual and elegant design, all-new Renault Captur offers best-in-class ground clearance and higher driving position

The Captur has an eye-catching appearance, thanks to sensual and elegant design. Manufactured at the Ayrton Senna Complex, State of Paraná, it has best-in-segment ground clearance, driving position, wheelbase and overall length, offering the comfort and cabin space of an SUV with lots of connectivity, technology and safety features.
The Renault Captur is a proud standard-bearer for Renault’s new design identity, whose design was shaped in collaboration between the Renault Technocentre, in France, and the Renault Design Latin America (RDAL), in São Paulo – the brand’s only design studio in the American continent. Thanks to its powerful exterior design and dramatic two-tone paintwork, Renault Captur oozes instant appeal.

The global design team was leaded by the Renault Technology Americas (RTA), which has a focus on developing products channeled into the needs and expectations of Latin-American consumers. More than 1,000,000 kilometers were driven during the design phase in Brazil alone to fine-tune suspension, electronic architecture and body structures, among others.

The Capture will offer comprehensive trim options, with two powertrains: the 1.6 SCe (120 hp) engine, which was recently launched and offers both fuel economy and driving pleasure, in addition to a 2-liter 16v (148 hp) engine for those craving for performance. Both powerplants benefit from the technologies derived from Renault’s expertise in Formula 1, where the brand has proved the strength of its engines by claiming 12 world titles. Its rock solid passive safety stems from the use of four airbags and electronic stability program (ESP).


Renault Captur encapsulates all the thinking behind the concept car that was unveiled at the 2011 edition of the Geneva Motor Show, expressing the second theme – 'Explore' – of Renault's life-cycle design strategy covering six body types: SUV, minivan, sports car, hatchback, compact and van –, which encompasses the experiences of its customers and puts each life stage into perspective. Also shown at the 2012 edition of the São Paulo Motor Show, the concept inspired the design of the European version of the Captur, in 2013.
The next step was taken by design teams at the Technocentre, in France, and the RDAL, in São Paulo. Both studios have worked hand in hand to develop the all-new Renault Captur unveiled at the 2016 edition of the São Paulo Motor Show, following the presentation of the concept four years before. Captur’s sensual and elegant lines have lured more than 700 thousand visitors, and it was considered one of the leading attractions at the exhibition.
“Captur’s flowing lines highlight its distinctive proportions, and it lends itself to personalization, with different permutations of two-tone bodywork. Captur’s design features the brand’s distinctive frontal design”, says Vincent Pedretti, chief designer at the Renault Design Latin America (RDAL).
On the front, C-shaped LED daytime running lights surround the fog lamps to elongate the lower grille for an elegant touch. The modern headlamps have fluid lines, while the hood highlights two distinctive creases.
The powerful exterior design is highlighted by lower chromed strips on the doors following the waistline, in addition to fluid and sculpted sidelines and muscular contours above the rear bumper. Large 17’’ wheels available in two styles ensure a surefooted stance.

Chrome tailpipe extensions, LEAD tail lamps and the chrome inserts for the tailgate trim strip give the impression it has a wider track.

The all-new instrument cluster provides easy reading of information displayed by the digital speedometer and half-moon displays positioned on both sides. A two-tone interior trim is available, according to the version.

The Renault Captur is easy to personalize, with 9 two-tone combinations out of 13 choices of paintwork, including an ivory white or etoile black roof and eight body colors shades: black, white, brown, orange, ivory, red, silver or grey.


The Captur comfortably accommodates five passengers – even those seated on the rear bench –, thanks to a generous wheelbase of 2.67m and 4.33m length that position the model among the segment’s top.
The best-in-segment driving position (H-point) and the class-leading glass surface offer a less cluttered view of the road ahead. The R-Comfort ergonomic shell seats are superbly comfortable.
Thanks to the two-part horizontal rear lights that permit a wide tailgate opening, the Captur is ranked among the SUV segment’s best in terms of access to the cargo area. It also features the largest trunk among its direct competitors, for a capacity of 437 liters.

In addition, the Renault Captur has the largest approach and departure angles in its segment.

Overall dimensions:
  • 4.33m length
  • 1.81m width
  • 1.62m height
  • 2.67m wheelbase
  • 212mm ground clearance
  • 708mm in the driving position (H-point)
  • Approach angle: 23°
  • Departure angle: 31°
Acoustic comfort is among the SUV’s strong points. It is extremely silent to drive on either urban or extra urban conditions.
Storage abounds, with 12 functional compartments located on door panels, dashboard, glovebox, and central console.


With added connectivity, the Captur comes with the MediaNav system as standard. The system’s functions are designed to be used intuitively by drivers with a maximum of four clicks on a 7’’ touchscreen to control the integrated GPS, Bluetooth®, rearview camera, eco-scoring and eco-coaching. Everything is within easy reach, thanks to the steering wheel-mounted controls.
The Captur even comes with hands-free entry and engine start with automatic ‘walk away’ door locking, so your key never needs to leave your bag or pocket, for added peace of mind. Driving is also safer and more comfortable with the standard cruise control and speed limiter that maintains a steady speed and will not allow the vehicle to accelerate beyond a pre-set maximum.
In the Renault Captur, every length has been taken to make your drive safer and simpler. Whether it is the automatic rain sensing windscreen wipers, or the dusk-sensing automatic headlights (that switch on and off whether you are driving at night or passing through a tunnel), the Captur’s autonomous systems allows drivers to focus on the road ahead at all times.
The electric variable power steering offers added comfort and fuel economy with the use of an electric pump that operates regardless of engine speed to manage hydraulic fluid flow. Assistance is determined more efficiently based on vehicle speed and, when it is not needed, the electric pump is temporarily deactivated. Standard equipment includes folding door mirrors, digital speedometer and power front & rear windows, while the Intense trim option comes with a front central armrest and automatic air-conditioning system.


The all-new Captur comes with the electronic stability program (ESP) standard across the range. The technology improves the vehicle's stability by detecting and reducing skidding, while the anti-slip regulation system (ASR) is designed to prevent loss of traction of driven road wheels.
The SUV also comes with four (two front and two side) airbags as standard. ISOFIX anchorage points are provided on the rear bench to fix child seats.
Standard features include daytime running lights (DRL), antilock braking system, emergency braking assistance (EBA), and electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), driving aid systems that ensure unfailing responsiveness and help to overcome road traffic hazards and driver error.
The hill start assist (HSA) prevents the car from rolling away when trying to pull away on an up or down gradient by engaging automatically when a gradient of 3% or more is detected; it then acts to hold the car stationary for two seconds after the brake is released giving the driver time to apply the throttle.

Another novelty feature is the headlight cornering function that automatically lights up the fog light nearest the bend in order to give the driver a wider field of vision, while rear parking sensors and the rearview camera make maneuvering easier and safer.


The Captur is available with two options of powertrains. Launched in the end of 2016, the all-new 1.6 16V SCe engine offers driving pleasured paired with fuel economy, while the 2-liter 16V engine was enhanced in mid-2016 aiming at fuel consumption optimization.
The 1.6 16V SCe engine offers 120 hp at 5,500 rpm running on ethanol and 118 hp at 5,500 rpm on gas, and delivers 16.2 kgfm of torque at 4,000 rpm, on both ethanol and gas. It shall be emphasized that 90% of torque is offered at 2,000 rpm on the 1.6 SCe engine, thus ensuring responsive accelerations.
On the 2-liter 16V engine, maximum power is of 148 hp at 5,750 rpm, when running on ethanol, and 143 hp at 5,750 rpm running on gas, with a peak torque of 20.9 kgfm at 4,000 rpm on ethanol and 20.2 kgfm at 4,000 rpm on gas.
The 1.6 16v engine comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, while the 2-liter 16v powertrain is targeted at those craving for performance and comes with an automatic transmission.
A standard feature across all versions of the Captur range is the Energy Smart Management (ESM) system, a F1-inspired technology applied to production cars. By recovering kinetic energy when braking and decelerating, the ESM optimizes the consumption of electrical energy and helps recharge the battery.
Renault Captur’s owners willing to improve fuel efficiency can use the EcoMode function through a push-button located below the gearshift lever. This function allows changing driving patterns and optimizing fuel efficiency, thus reducing fuel consumption by up to 10%.
Additionally, the Gear Shift Indicator (GSI) notifies the driver when it is appropriate to engage the next higher or lower gear in order to obtain the lowest possible fuel consumption, according to driving conditions, engine revolutions and foot position on the throttle pedal.


Renault Captur is available with two trim options as well as two powertrains:
•  Captur Zen 1.6 SCe with manual transmission: four (front/side) airbags, electronic stability program (ESP), anti-slip regulation (ASR), hill start assist (HSA), antilock braking system, ISOFIX anchorage points,  electro-hydraulic steering, height adjustable steering wheel, air-conditioning, 17’’ alloy wheels, power door mirrors, perimetric detection alarm, hands free keycard, steering wheel-mounted controls, height adjustable driver’s seat, CAR system (which automatically locks all 5 doors once 6 km/h is reached), LED daytime running lights, folding door mirrors, autocruise with speed limiter and regulator. Optional: MediaNav + rearview camera; two-tone bodywork.
Captur Intense 2.0 with automatic transmission: includes 17’’ diamond-cut  alloy wheel rims, front central armrest, MediaNav with 7” touchscreen, rearview camera, automatic air-conditioning system, rain sensitive front wipers, fog lights with cornering light function, light sensor. Optional: leather-appointed seats and two-tone bodywork.

A comprehensive range of accessories was specifically developed for the Renault Captur, which includes a transversal roof rack that is ideal to carry a bike. Interior accessories comprise a tablet mount holder, luggage net and trunk organizer to make occupants’ lives easier. The front central armrest is an option for the Zen version and comes as standard on the Intense trim. All accessories benefit from full factory warranty coverage.


The 2016 edition of the São Paulo Motor Show coincided with the start of Captur’s pre-sales. Customers willing to pre-order the 2-liter Intense version were asked to access http:// captur.renault.com.br to check all the details of the car through a 3D experience offering a 360° view of exterior and interior features. Captur’s minisite achieved far-reaching success, with more than 2 million impressions in two months.
Last December and January, more than 2,500 people registered at Renault dealers in Curitiba, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro where the Captur was on display, in order to receive additional information on the model.

New Captur owners benefit from a 3-year warranty up to 100,000. Customers choosing the Renault Bank (https://www.bancorenault.com.br/) to finance their car benefit from a 5-year warranty. This requires full servicing history according to Renault approved current standards every 10,000 km or every year.
The Renault dealer network offers fixed-price servicing offers for scheduled maintenance and wearing parts, allowing customers to spread expenses across the whole vehicle ownership time for maximum peace of mind, since fixed-price packages include parts and labor costs.
Renault owners may also rely on the Renault Assistance, a roadside and breakdown assistance service available 24/7 nationwide. If your vehicle breaks down, the Renault Assistance will bring help for a prompt local repair at the roadside. If your vehicle cannot be repaired immediately, it will be transported to the nearest authorized Renault dealer and alternative transportation will be provided to vehicle occupants. The Renault Assistance service is offered free of charge for passenger car owners during the first 24 months after the date of first purchase, or 12 months for commercial vehicle owners.

Renault customers may also rely on My Renault, an innovative digital platform that offers Renault vehicle owners different information on the car, in addition to exclusive offers of products and services received firsthand.
My Renault is a personal and exclusive page of every Renault vehicle owner, where all information about the car is grouped, from the driver’s handbook to advice on fuel consumption and tips for travel planning and cultural events.


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